Sam Oppenheim Photography: Light Switch Plates

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All Photographs © Sam Oppenheim
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1. "Watchtower" El Morro, Puerto Rico
2. "Senora Dolores" Cordoba, Spain
3. "Balanced Rock" Arches Nat'l Park, Utah
These 3 are from the Himalayas.
the first 2 show a view
of sacred Mt. Shivaling.

1. "Himalayan Donkey"
2. "Himalayan Shrine"
3. "Himalayan Lizard"
These three Hindu Temples are
in the Himalayna foothills, a 1,000 year old
stonecarved temple in the central plateau,
and on the East Coast near Bangladesh.

1. "Uttaranchal Temple"
2. "Khaujuraho Sunrise-Yellow Temple"
3. "Puri Jagganath Temple"
These three are from: the Ganges in Rishikesh,
the Himalayan foothills above the Yamuna river,
and Calcutta respectively.

1. "Monkey+Temple"
2. "Temple Guardian"
3. "Gandhi Statue"
1. "Gandharva Tal"
a holy lake high in the Himalayas

2. "Auto-rickshaw"
like a bicycle rickshaw, a motorcycle
with metal-frame attached used as a taxi

3. "Cactus"
in Gujarat Kutch, desert near Pakistan border
These three architectural elements are
1,000 year old stonecarved elements of the Khaujuraho temples.

1. "Architectural Devas #1"
2. "Architectural Devas #2"
3. "Female Bathing Statue"
1. "elephant statue" from Temple pavillion

2. "Jain Temple" interior, Khaujuraho

3. "Buddhist Temple"
Sacred rock-carved cave, Ellora
These 3 are Buddhist images from India,
the famous Stupa at Sanchi, M.P. in central India,
and a Tibettan Prayer "Om. Mani Padme Hum" Written on a Yak Skull
at Dharamsala where the Dalai Llama resides.

1. "Sanchi Stupa #1"
2. "Yak Skull Prayer"
3. "Sanchi Stupa #2 +flowers"
These 6 images are from my "Portals" Exhibit

1. "Temple entrance, Himalayas"
2. "Stonehenge Portal"
3. "Mussoorie Door"
4. "Moroccan Doorway"
5. "Toledo Arches"
6. "Opulent Door, Prague"
These 3 images are Guadi's creative architecture from Barcelona, Spain

1. "Gaudi Gingerbread House"
2. "Gaudi's Doorway"
3. "Gaudi Mosaic"
Gaudi also designed a magnificent world-famous Cathedral in Barcelona.
These 3 images are portions of that "Sagrada Familia" Cathedral

1. "Sagrada Familia #1 - towers"
2. "Sagrada Familia #2 - facade"
3. "Sagrada Familia #3 - Detail"
these three memorable evening shots from Madrid's Sol Plaza
showcase the bear-eating-strawberries statue
and architecture of this cosmopolitan Spanish city.

1. "Madrid Bear - right"
2. "Madrid Sol Architecture"
3. "Madrid Bear - left"
1. "Toledo Dalmations"
2. "Barcelona Cathedral"
3. "Barcelona Dragon Fountain"