Sam Oppenheim Photography
"Fine Art Photography" 2000 - 2010
Sam Oppenheim has been photographing for 15 years, during which he received a B.A. at Columbia University in Archaeology & Comparative Religion, a M.A. in the Archaeology of Ancient India at UW-Madison, and a M.A. in Education at City College New York. After 5 years teaching in the Bronx, he now works as a freelance photographer, and for a new company helping restaurants manage online ordering at Let's Order Online.
Sam is a self-taught photographer who shoots both film and digital. His talent has been shaped and practiced in over 30 countries on 6 continents. His inspiration comes from within, and his style is influenced by National Geographic magazine, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, and Lynn Saville (
Although Sam's photography started in the chemical darkroom, it has emerged and grown into computerized production. Even when he shoots film, he works with high-resolution digital files created by scanning the film. His prints are then produced with an inkjet printer for small 8x10 prints and printed chemically as digital-C prints for all larger sizes (16"x24", 20"x30"). All prints are limited, in signed and numbered editions.
Sam's photography essentially endeavors to convey the "Spirit of Place". His photography shares with the viewer each place's essential emotional qualities and spiritual energy. He states "I see the world's vibrancy with a camera, attempting to capture the fleeting moments of sunset, storms, furtive glances, poses, the natural world, the spirit of the land, and the character of a people." Each work of art explores human culture and attempts to place into a single frame of visual media an ineffable aspect of the human experience and the lived environment.

His images cross the genres of both documentary and fine art, and would be equally comfortable both in the pages of National Geographic and in an art gallery. They are informed by and record his travels. Every place makes a deep impression; Every photograph tells a story. These impressions are shared in the following images. - for more information don't hesitate to contact Sam at